Camp Blaze Overview



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The week of camp is filled with an abundance of opportunities to apply leadership skills in a mentor-driven environment. Campers will have the opportunity to practice becoming good leaders, and will also learn how to be supportive in a leadership role.


Starting with the basics, the training provided over the course of the week is designed to allow campers to work safely as a team in the firefighting environment. A carefully crafted curriculum introduces them to the equipment that will allow them to fight fire at the end of the week. Experienced staff is always close at hand during these exercises and ready to encourage campers when necessary.

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Throughout the week, campers are sure to face one challenge or another. These challenges are meant to help foster personal growth in safe and supportive surroundings. The friendships that develop quickly through these experiences often become friendships of a lifetime. As campers navigate this growth, they learn to become empowered and believe in themselves; a characteristic that is sure to contribute towards success in their future endeavors!

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Fire Service introduction

While Camp Blaze is offered in the fire service setting, it is merely our medium. The intent of Camp Blaze is not to recruit firefighters (though we secretly hope every camper falls in love with our profession)!  It is our mission to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, and SUPPORT STRONG WOMEN LEADERS. There is no greater reward for us than to see Camp Blaze campers return to their community and make the world a better place. Our track record is strong and we invite you to join our Camp Blaze family