2018 Staff/Volunteer Application

We are accepting applications NOW!

Thank you for your interest in being a 2018 Staff/Volunteer Member.  Below you will find our online application questionnaire. Please remember, Camp Blaze 2018 Staff Member positions are open any volunteer. Some positions may require specific skill/certification/experience, but there are many that only require a positive attitude and desire to be a part of Camp Blaze. We ask that you provide as much detail about your interest and availability as possible. Our organization relies on your volunteerism to be successful. To that end, if something comes up between being selected to join us and the week of camp, please contact us ASAP so that we can accommodate your need. Our application takes some time to fill out, so we recommend reviewing it first and having your answers prepared ahead of time. Once the selections are made, we will contact all applicants and inform them of their status. Selected individuals will receive more detailed information following selection. ("*" denotes mandatory field)

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Overnight accommodations are limited. We will be contacting individuals following the application period to confirm scheduling and lodging as well as providing additional details specific to the staff position for which you will be filling.
If not available for the entire camp (0800 July 27th - 2000 August 4), when can you be committed to the event?
This is to inform us of your availability the week of Camp Blaze. We will be following up individually to confirm once the application process is closed.
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